In order to tap the huge latent potential market and to pave the way for nutraceuticals to supplement India’s quality healthcare agenda, GCCPL set up ‘Nutraceutical Division’ in 1999. This division focuses on introducing speciality and innovative ingredients backed with scientific support. Our associates are the world leaders and high quality global manufacturers.

Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements which are generally used to fill nutritional deficiencies in food and to prevent diseases.

Opportunity for GCCPL in Nutraceutical Market- As per WHO, 40% of the mortality rate in India is due to nutrient deficiencies thus calling for the need of dietary supplements.

  • Also consumers believe that natural is better and prevention is better than cure
  • Less therapeutic options for treating chronic diseases
  • Consumers becoming more conscious about their health
  • India is the capital of diabetics with about 60 million patients in 2014 and the number may increase to 101 million by 2030

These adverse outcomes are estimated to cost nearly one per cent point to India’s GDP and therefore improvement in nutrition status is a critical part of the country’s agenda for progress.

Our Principals and their Products

Indena SpA (Italy)

Leading Company in the identification, development and production of active ingredients derived from plants (botanical/herbal extracts). Indena has a wide range of herbal extracts, some of these includeindena

Thiocolchicoside Ginkgo biloba
Panax ginseng Green Tea Extract
Guarana Ivy Leaf Extract
Saw Palmetto St. John’s Wort
Valerian Extract Willow Bark Extract
Tamarind Seed Extract Zanthalene
Colchicine Paclitaxel
Docetaxel Billberry Extract
Curcumin Phytosome Grape Seed Extract
Silymarin Silybin Phytosome
Centella Asiatica Chamomile Extract
Horse Chestnut Visnadine
Cranberry Extract Soy Isoflavones
Horsetail Kidney Bean Extract

Ingredia Nutritional (France)ingredia

Major global player in dairy ingredient industry

  • Colostrum: Natural And Unique Source Of Igg
  • Lactium: Milk Protein Hydrolysate

Lipofoods (Spain)lipofoods

Lipofoods has a core technological strength in microencapsulation and delivery system for functional and health ingredients that they develop.

  • Lipofer®: Microencapsulated Iron
  • Lipocal™: Microencapsulated Calcium
  • NewCaff™: Microencapsulated Caffeine

Diana Naturals (France)diana

Worldwide leader in functional solutions from Natural ingredients

  • Chondractiv™: Type II hydrolyzed collagen

Lecico (Germany)lecico

Lecico is a well recognized, branded player in the specialty lecithin and phospholipids segment.

  • Serinaid 20 F: 20% Phosphatidyl Serine Fluid
  • Serinaid 20 P: 20% Phosphatidyl Serine Powder
  • Serinaid 50 P: 50% Phosphatidyl Serine Powder

Xiamen Kingdomway (China)xiamen

Renowned manufacturer of Microalgae DHA, ARA, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin A and D3 which are exported worldwide.

  • DHA: 10% powder
  • DHA 40% oil

Rimfrost (US)rim

Rimfrost focuses exclusively on Antarctic krill oil with distinct clear red and characteristic low odor for consumer application.

  • Krill Oil: Efficient source of marine omega 3 phospholipids and astaxanthin.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals (USA)

InterHealth Nutraceuticals (USA) – A leading company specialized into unique, proprietary and patented ingredients, well supported with scientific research and their own manufacturing and marketing set-up.

  • UC-II® : Type II Undenatured Collagen
  • Zychrome®:  Chromium dinicocysteinate
  • Super CitriMax®: Garcinia cambogia extract
  • ChromeMate®:  Chromium polynicotinate

Sachsenmilh (Germany)

A part of Muller group, Sachsenmilch provides high-quality dairy ingredients to the food, beverage and supplement industries.

  • GermanProt: Whey protein concentrates and isolates
  • GermanMicell: Micellar Casein concentrates
  • GermanLac: Natural milk Lactose
  • GermanCal: Natural Milk Calcium

MNL Group

MNL group manufactures and distributes natural extracts for the nutrition and health industries.

  • MaquiBright®: Standardized Maqui Berry extract
  • Delphinol ® : Standardized Maqui Berry extract

Other Products

  • Evening Prim Rose Oil
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Lycopene
  • Beta Carotene

Our In house Manufactured Products

  • Mincal
  • In bake
  • Gla Pro