Company Profile

• To be fully integrated Pharmaceutical Company by the Year 2015.

• To expand the business through innovative thinking in managing various existing businesses & entering in to newer technology driven areas of strategic interest.

Established in the year 1981, GCCPL is an ambitious Indian pharmaceutical, Functional Food & Nutraceuticals company; partners with its principals & clients alike to deliver customized solutions that resolve their significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, GCCPL looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize resources, drive tangible results, and make our partner more capable of meeting challenges in the burgeoning Indian pharmaceutical market.

GCCPL, one of the first companies to realize the need of providing best and fast services to the pharmaceutical & nutraceuticals industries went on to become one of the top sales, Marketing & distribution company in India. GCCPL is one of the major suppliers of Pharmaceutical ingredients, Nutraceuticals, Basic Intermediates, Vitamins and Finished Formulations to its clients in India and around the globe. GCCPL has crossed yet another milestone of achieving $ 50 Million (USD) turn over in the year 2009-10 in spite of turbulent market conditions.

GCCPL’s growth has been fueled by its deep and wide penetration in to the vast Indian Pharmaceutical market and strong understanding of its challenges. It has 450 plus clients spread across the country and more than 50 across the globe.

GCCPL has approximately 40 highly technical & professional employees, who is been assisted by around 30 executive to conduct day to day activities in the functioning of various divisions.

GCCPL believes in building ever lasting, rewarding relationship with its employees and clients alike that has strong foundation on higher standard of quality, trust, reliability and transparency in the conduct of the business, which leads to mutual growth. This is precisely the reason why GCCPL has grown many fold in three decades.

In the last four years GCCPL looked beyond the conventional business growth and further plans for business expansion; established new strategic vertical business units to cater to specific needs of the clients. These vertical units include manufacturing of API, Marketing of finished formulations and in / out Licensing. In /Out Licensing division will specifically focus on identifying newer technology driven areas in existing segments or upcoming opportunities in the newer therapeutics.

GCCPL feels the future growth drivers for the company shall be improvement in the existing businesses through wider reach & penetration, utilizing our decades of pharmaceutical marketing experience & contribution from the newer divisions’ through Technological & Regulatory advancements. Moreover, GCCPL will continue in its endeavor to enter in to newer areas of technological advancements & knowledge driven businesses for further expansions.

GCCPL Milestones (GCCPL Evolution)
• 1981 September, Chemie Pharmie was incorporated as partnership firm.
• 1983 – First agency agreement signed with Maladi drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd. (MDPL).
• 1994 – Indenting Business – CPI
• 1993 – New Subsidiary “Man Mill Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
• 1995 – G.C Chemie Pharmie Ltd. was incorporated.
• 1998 – Started Export Division “Chemie Sun Industries”.
• 1999 – Neutraceutical Division established
• 2000 – Shifted to present corporate office
• 2002 – Kandla Operation ( Unit at special export zone)
• 2003 – sales turn over exceeds Rs.100 Cr. ($ 25 Million (USD))
• 2004 – China Office
• 2005 – Baddi Operations, Veternary Division, New Delhi Office & Waszawa, Poland Office
• 2007 – Jammu Plant & Manufacturing of Peptide APIs
• 2007 – P2P (Finished Formulation Marketing Division Started
• 2009 – 1st Patent filed
• 2010 – 1st product (Diaphene) manufactured in House.

Growth Profile of GCCPL over the years

Strategic Business Units

GCCPL wanted to diversify its portfolio of businesses in to different vertical strategic business units, with each vertical business unit serving a clearly defined product –market segment with evidently defined strategy. This had further helped in bringing more focused approach, efficiency and customized services to the clients and is in line with the future aspiration of the organization to exploit untapped markets.